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About Me | Tim Schools

I’m a lawyer and businessman, with four successful businesses as well as experience of forming a unique and world-leading award winning Fund. I have established and sold two successful law firms, creating hundreds of jobs and enjoying the financial success of my work. On top of this I was honoured to be selected for the GB Cycling team, winning silver at the National Championship.

I am married to the love of my life and I have five fantastic children.

I have faced extremely serious allegations, ridicule, financial ruin after losing millions, experienced failed marriages, lost so called friends and business colleagues and lost count of the number of sleepless nights worrying about what might happen next and not knowing which way to turn and how best to protect my family. I have also felt shame for things I haven’t done and endured the knowing whispers of those who believe there’s no smoke without fire. It is tempting to say that I have also suffered a number of failures but I don’t consider them as failures, rather an opportunity to learn from extremely difficult and stressful situations. I consider what many would categorize as failures to have provided me with my greatest opportunity to offer my expertise in dealing with a crisis to help and guide others.

I set up The Crisis Coach as a way of using my own experiences to help people and organisations discover a pathway through any crisis, large or small. I have personally experienced the lack of impartial or practical help and advice available when facing a crisis, most often due to professional regulatory issues, conflicts, lack of understanding or a fees-driven approach. With The Crisis Coach, my clients can be confident that they can turn to someone with genuine experience and expertise who can help them in their time of need.

​"Tim Schools knows crises, and in fact I consider him to be an expert in facing and managing crisis situations . He has experienced them many times over in business, sport, and life. Yet, like a Phoenix, he discovers ways to rise from the ashes and soar once again. Tim was a business partner, and remains a dear friend. I respect his intelligence, perseverance, ability to see the positive in any situation, and skill at finding opportunity even in the most severe challenges. As a crisis coach, he brings experience, knowledge and commitment to finding a path to prosperity."

Dr. Paul G. Schempp, High Performance Excellence Professor, University of Georgia